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A gifted and accomplished speaker, Victor Villaseñor, in his candid and heartfelt manner, brings a fresh perspective to a number of universal themes, including pride in cultural heritage, strength of family, the power of the written word, dedication to education and personal achievement, and world harmony and peace.

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    Private Events

    • Tools of Genius: Using the whole brain, decision making, and expanding our consciousness beyond the limiting world of five senses
    • Biography & Autobiographic Writing: Finding the courage and skill to write your own unique, wonderful, genius-story
    • One Race, the Human Race: At one time we were all indigenous people – fearless and wild of heart!
    • Family and Quality of Life: Pride in heritage, family, and the power of personal achievement through vision, education, and perseverance.
    • Herstory Instead of History: How . . . if women of substance had written the story of humanity, we would see we aren’t the species that we think we are.
    • Have Victor join your family reunion or private event.
    • “I expected you to give us a long, boring lecture and I have to apologize for having such a wrong inclination. I was so stunned that you had effected everyone who listened to you speak. You have no idea how much I appreciate your visit . . .” –Lorna Brennan 9th Grade Class
    • “After hearing you speak my husband started to question his denial of his heritage. Your words truly reached him in a way that no therapist or I have been able to.” –Carolyn Reed