Victor Villaseñor

Author and Public Speaker

Victor Villaseñor


Best Selling Author and Public Speaker

Welcome! Bienvienidos! Mi casa, su casa! My home, your home!

The way I figure it, what makes my writing kind of special, is that I didn’t learn to read until the age of 20, so I didn’t get educated in Western Education, and I was able to retain my Native American Yaqui Grandmothers’ Sacred Knowledge.

Doña Guadalupe(Nana)

Doña Guadalupe (Nana)

And back at one time, we were all Native Indigenous People the whole world over, and so this is why I truly believe my writing and my talks touch people’s HeartCorazones so deeply, giving Life to their long forgotten Cellular Soul Memories, and reminding us that each day is, indeed, otro Milagro, another Miracle, gifted to us by God.

So welcome! Mi casa, su casa! And realize that there’s only One Race, Our Human Race and we’re all aboard the same SpaceShip called Mother Earth, and so today our primary mission is to help heal her, hence taking us Human People off the most endangered species list!

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