Victor Villaseñor

Author and Public Speaker

Little Crow to the Rescue

Little Crow to the Rescue

Little Crow and Father Crow sit on the branch of a tall tree surveying the freshly planted corn field. Father Crow tells Little Crow that the human father and son they see working in the fields do a lot for crows. They plant corn, they move water, and they feed the crows with their fields. The crows sing their gratitude to the farmers, but in spite of their efforts to sing their best songs, the farmers don’t like the crows.

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About the Book

Little Crow to the Rescue / El Cuervito Al Rescate is a colorful folktale about the natural world by renowned Chicano writer Victor Villasenor. Father Crow teaches Little Crow about the long, interrelated relationship between crows and humans. But in spite of all that each does for the other & the humans plant the corn that feeds the crows, and they in turn sing beautiful songs of thanks & humans try to kill crows. Little Crow is troubled, but soon he comes up with an idea that just might save all the crows.

Genres: Children's, Mexican Folktale
Publisher: Pinata Books
Publication Year: 2005
ASIN: 1558854304
ISBN: 9781558854307
List Price: $16.95
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