Victor Villaseñor

Author and Public Speaker

Victor Villaseñor could barely read when he decided to fulfill his dream of being a writer. Today, he has written nine novels, and 65 stories; he also is now a slow, but enthusiastic reader.

by Liz Attebery

Quitting has never been an option for Victor Villaseñor.  The celebrated Mexican-American author, whose writing has been compared to that of John Steinbeck and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, wrote nine novels and 65 stories and received 265 rejections before his first book was published in 1973.  The book, Macho, is a novel about a young farm worker who leaves his home in Mexico to seek a better life picking fruit in California, where he can earn more in a week than he can in a year back home.  The man endures backbreaking work, grueling conditions, and low wages, but, like the author, he never gives up.