Victor Villaseñor

Author and Public Speaker

I want to thank you for your writing genius. I’ve never contacted an author before whose work has touched me so profoundly. To be able to mix reality, humor, pain, suffering, joy, spirituality, and humility is a rare quality in most writing.

Upon a friend’s recommendation, I recently read Wild Steps of Heaven, Thirteen Senses, and Burro Genius. I began reading Rain of Gold, but honestly had to put it down because it became difficult to stomach the sheer repetitive heartbreak and horrific suffering, racism, and oppression your people were forced to live with. It is however, your history and heritage, and I hope to finish it some day. I’ve just ordered Macho! and Crazy Loco Love…

I grew up and lived in the Northeast for over 50 years before relocating to Southern California in 2002. A curious person by nature, I have read numerous books about the West to better familiarize myself with the history and the people. I previously had no direct knowledge of Hispanic or Mexican American culture, and now find myself immersed in it. Your life and that of your lineage, through your written words and expressions, have enhanced my knowledge and appreciation greatly. I appreciate your frankness and your humility.