Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

We have Christmas, we have Hanukah, we have Easter and Halloween and Valentine’s Day, but we have no celebration for world-wide peace and harmony. And if we really want peace and harmony on earth, then we need a day to rally around, a day of fun and joy. So let’s take our U.S. celebration of Thanksgiving and go global with it. Check our Snow Goose website and learn how there’s nothing we can do to stop World Harmony and Peace. It’s written in the stars and from where we came and to where we will return.

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About the Book

The purpose of Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving is to inspire Unconditional Love, where all Hearts Open. A one-day-a-year event when all the people of the world put aside their disappointments, anger, hatred, prejudice, for just one day and totally concentrate all of their Heartfelt Gratitude and Energy to the Commitment of Worldwide Thanksgiving for all of the “good” things we have, forgetting all the “bad” things and, also, giving Soul felt Forgiveness for all the wrongs done on earth in thought or action, personal or institutional.

A one-day-a-year event where we, the people, strip down Spiritually Naked within our own belief system and truly forgive ourselves down deep inside, and all others and promote Worldwide Love, Respect, Tolerance, and Acceptance of All, All, All Human Beings–culturally, religiously, politically, sexually, and, of course, Dream wise. For we are what we Dream, and now is the Time in Human Story to Dream of Worldwide Harmony and Peace between All God’s children FOR THE NEXT 5,000 YEARS!

Genres: Inspirational, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Charles Publishing Company
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 0912880155
ISBN: 9780912880150
List Price: $10.00
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